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Welcome to the updated site!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the new site! I created this site over 10 years ago as a place that I could discuss concentrated investing and provide more in depth articles than I was finding in the magazine and internet articles of the time.

After finding a position in the investment industry in 2004 I put the site on hiatus while I concentrated on settling into my new job. After the Great Recession of 2009 occurred I decided to think about how to bring the site back. Why? Because I was distressed about the resulting conversation about investing principles that it spawned.

Stay tuned as I will be posting comments on current investing topics on the blog. I will also be posting more in depth discussion of companies that I think they might be worth investigating more on your own.

Focus Admin

PS: If you enjoyed my book, The Focus Investor, I thought I'd announce publicly for the first time that I'm hard at work on a significantly revised edition of it.

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